Uitvoeren van beheersmaatregelen totaal beheersplan veiligheid

The legionella management plan of your drinking water system is based on a single risk assessment.

This snapshot gives the consultant the chance to draw up a management plan in accordance with the status of the system at that time. However, over time the system changes because of technical adjustments and the use of taps and machines can change as well.

To avoid unnecessary management measures, or even the focus on wrong points, it is important that the management plan and the logs are balanced regularly to the status of the system and its users.

mwa audit beheersplan1


Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to keep an eye on these things through a check on both the installation and the reports as the execution of the activities. This way you will keep the management plan up to date and the system clean, without facing extraordinary costs of a new management plan after a period of time.