Uitvoeren van beheersmaatregelen totaal beheersplan veiligheid


Our advice is focused on minimizing management measures at all times. However, manual maintenance of certain system parts stays necessary. When this is the case, it should be carried out by specialized people to make sure the work is done as good as possible.

Since a few years every building manager is ‘required’ to become Legionella specialist, to make sure the system is used properly. 
Given, that time is valuable for a building manager, outsourcing is an obvious step.

mwa Uitvoeren_Beheersmaatregelen1

Total management of drinking water systems is customization, which in we can help with the following components:

-Check valve control
-Run taps that are used little
-Measuring hot and cold water temperatures
-Cleaning of boilers
-Keep up log, checklists
-Updating system illustrations